webdesign Johan Hallberg

I work with webdesign, and love to see other people succeed in realizing their dreams and goals. One way I like to help with that, is to help people present what they do on the internet. I create web pages, and also work as Copywriter, with SoMe and Graphic Design.

“We got excellent help setting up and managing our social media channels, and filling them with quality content.”

– Roger Olofsson, Hemp farmer

“My new website looks great, and I get continuous help to update the content to my needs.”

– Kristina Hurtig, author

“I´m very happy with Johan´s skills as content writer and social media manager. He did a great job for our party.”

– Anders Axner, Partiet Enhet

“Johan helped us to update our website so it now works well on all devices, and we got a new design as well.”

– Björn Roxendal, Psykosynteshuset

“As a graphic designer, Johan is both creative and responsive to your needs.”

– Nigel Wells, Virbela Ateljé